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PESIC, Physical Education Special Interest Council

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The Physical Education Photo Challenge!!

Get Active and Win a Prize!


The Physical Education Special Interest Council Newfoundland and Labrador (PESIC NL) is encouraging all Physical Education students to participate in a fun photo challenge! We encourage students to get outside in the beautiful NL Outdoors and, while practicing social distancing, snap pictures of yourself being active while following the theme for each week during the month of May.

For the month of May there will be a photo theme for each week. Simply take your phone or camera and get a snap of yourself with one of the following themes listed below. Enter as many photos as you like (from different locations).  At the end of each week your name will be entered into a draw for a weekly prize of $50. All names will be reentered at the end of the contest for a grand prize draw of $200!



  1.  Always practice social distancing.

  2. You must submit your name, grade level, school and Physical Education teacher in order to become a member of the group for your name to be entered into the draw.

  3. Pictures can be sent to:  our Facebook page at PESICNLPHOTOCHALLENGE or Twitter using the hashtag #pesicnlstaysafe 

ATTENTION: Facebook and Twitter are public sharing sites. By submitting photos you consent to having your images posted to social media site. 

Thanks for participating! Stay active, stay safe and take care of yourself and each other!