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PESIC Awards!


Do you know of a great Physical Educator who motivates their students to live active, healthy lives; one who inspires others to inclusively  get up and move; one who explores different ways to deliver the curriculum that best meets the needs of their students? Why not nominate them for one of several awards that the Physical Education Special Interest Council offers!  Please see the attached documents for a full list.  Deadline for submissions is January 16th, 2017.



Physical Educators Awards 2016-2017

Call for Nominations


The Physical Education Special Interest Council presents several awards for which we are now seeking nominations. If you know a great Physical Educator who deserves to be recognized for all of the great work they are doing, nominate them for one of the following awards! You are encouraged to submit worthy candidate names and a résumé of their professional involvement by January 16th, 2017. Application forms can be requested from PESIC Executive members Jacinta McGrath - or Luke Neville -

Award of Honour

This award recognizes outstanding contributions and long time dedication to the development of physical education and its ideals and standards in Newfoundland and Labrador. The successful candidate demonstrates professional competence, helps others develop professionally and shows leadership in improving the health and well being of young people.

District Physical Educator of the Year

Awarded to one teacher per district. This award recognizes teachers who offer a balanced, quality, physical education program and participates in professional development opportunities. This teacher’s programs reflect a variety of teaching methodologies, innovative learning experiences and provide a nurturing environment in which all learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enhance active living.

PHE Canada Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award

This award recognizes an outstanding physical education teacher in the early stages of their career (35 years or younger). To qualify, the candidate must be a member of PHE Canada or a Liaison Group, and be 35 years of age or less, although some exceptions can be made for individuals who started late-entry careers. Candidates will be evaluated on their contribution to the profession. Refer to complete nomination process at

PESIC Student Award

Recognizes an outstanding undergraduate student in the field of physical education. The student should display professional conduct and interact positively with others through communication, fair play, leadership, and teamwork. The student should also show their understanding and appreciation of the health benefits of physical activity through their involvement in extra-curricular activities associated with physical education.

PHE Canada Physical Education Teaching Excellence Award – Newfoundland and Labrador

Honors exceptional teachers who provide outstanding teaching performance at the elementary, middle and secondary levels for their excellence in teaching physical education and their ability to motivate children and youth to participate in physical activity. This teacher: conducts a quality physical education program as reflected in PHE Canada’s definition; serves as a positive role model epitomizing personal health and fitness, enjoyment of activity, sportspersonship, and sensitivity to the needs of students; participates in professional development opportunities related to the teaching of physical education. It is intended that the nominee not only attend professional development opportunities but that they share their expertise with fellow teachers locally, regionally, or provincially. Eligibility: teach a minimum 60% in one or more grades from K-12; Hold a Bachelor of Physical Education, or a Bachelor of Education or Kinesiology with a concentration in Physical Education, be fully certified by the province, and follow provincial curriculum using sound pedagogical principles; Minimum of five years teaching experience in physical education; Full-time teaching contract, current at the time of nomination and selection; The individual must not be a previous PETE Award recipient. Refer to complete nomination process at for application.



PESIC Award Nomination Form 2016-2017


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